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Solder Bath SB-350 SBPTC-350 SBPTC-350 D SBPTC-350 D-20

SBPTC-350 D-20:

This pot SBPTC 350 D-20 is specially prepared for operators who would be carrying out Tinning operation on stripped wire ends. Generally about 8 to 15 mm of wire end is to be tinned. This pot uses only 1.4 Kg. of solder. Operator need not check to what depth wire is to be dipped. He can rest wires on pot. This reduces cycle time and also avoids going of wire insulation in solder.

Model Pot Dimensions in mm Pot Shape Wattage Solder Capacity Temp. Range Price
SBPTC-350 D-20 with Digital Display 100 X 20 deep Round 500 W 1.4 Kg 200° C to 425° C Against

Applications :

  • Component Lead Tinning.
  • Tinning of stripped PVC wires.
  • Soldering of Self-solderable wires.
  • Wiring harness ends in automobile industry.
  • All these pots can be used with lead free solder also.

  • Note :
    *PTC Models are temperature controlled.
               *Temperature controlled within ± 5°C of set temperature.

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