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Dip Soldering Machine

This is a small semi automatic soldering machine. This can be used to solder populated PCBs. It is developed for small units who generally assemble PCB on job work basis. Generally in small units it is done by hand soldering, it is time consuming, inconsistent and solder wastage is more.
On this machine populated and prefluxed boards can be manually loaded on machine. PCB is carried over solder and dipped in it. It is held in solder for predetermined time that is adjustable and taken out of solder. New PCB can then be loaded for next cycle. Fluxing is manual.
About 800 boards can be done in a shift.


Size of PCB(mm) Solder Pot opening (mm) Solder Pot Overall Size (mm) Solder Capacity of Pot (Kg) Machine Size (mm) Electrical MOTOR Input Standard Accessories
150 X 200 190 X 240 240 X 370 X 70 21.000 Width 635
Length 760
Pot Top 760
Overall 1020
50 W – 24 V Dc

Heaters 2 Kw
230 V Ac

230 V Ac 9 Amp 1 Φ Wiper Blade and PCB Holding Jig
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