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Commutator Soldering Machine

D.C. Motors are used in various applications such as Starter Motors in automobiles; DC drives of mills, Traction motors and other applications. In these motors wound wires are terminated on to commutator by soldering manually. This method results in improper soldering, is time consuming and unreliable as soldered joint is not satisfactory. In some cases where more than one conductor are in each slot all the conductors may not get soldered resulting in current concentration and such joint may fail due to heat generation. There may be cases of conductors flying off.   
To overcome this we have developed a soldering system where rotor is placed on the machine and solder is pumped all around the commutator for pre-determined time. At the end of cycle solder recedes and rotor can be taken off the machine. It is observed that soldering of conductors to commutator is near to 100% reducing chances of heat built-up and fly off.
Machine is made as per customer requirement. It can accommodate rotors weighing from 5 Kg. to 1500 Kg. depending upon type of machine. We also provide Fluxing and preheating units as required. Cycle time including preheating is 10 to 45 Min. Actual soldering time is between 30 to 60 Sec. 95% Tin : 5% Silver or 95% Tin : 5% Antimony solders can be used.
Unit also has centralized controller that control preheating time and temperature. Solder temperature, Soldering cycle time, solder flow and repeat cycles. It can store up to 9 programs.

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