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Bobbin Soldering Machine

With production volumes increasing and to achieve consistency in production manual soldering is becoming expensive. Manual soldering also consumes more solder with excess solder west. Soldering quality is operator dependent.
To overcome these difficulties Superb Products have developed a Bobbin Soldering machine for soldering of self-soldareble wires to molded terminals on wound bobbins. Bobbins are carried on a conveyer over flux vane where there is a continuous flow of flux for fluxing of end terminals with wire end rapped around. Then this passes over solder flow for soldering. This is a continuous operating machine where flux flow as well as its flow height is adjustable. Solder flow as well as solder flow height also can be adjusted. Various types of wound bobbins can be attached with change of bobbin holder. Conveyer speed also can be adjusted as per job requirement. Solder temperature can be controlled up to 400º C within ± 3º C so bobbins with self solderable wire can also be soldered. Machine is capable of handling lead free solder also. All controls are housed in separate controller section. This system can be accommodated in line with any other production equipment. We can offer suitable machine as per requirement or for a particular job. Rate of soldering can be from 3000 to 9000 bobbins per 8-hour shift. Automatic loading and unloading of bobbins also can be incorporated.

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